Keeping Up With City Meetings

There are currently 83 committees, sub-committees, boards, commissions and ad-hoc groups listed as active within Madison’s government machine. This number fluctuates depending on agenda items brought forth in the Council’s every other week Tuesday meeting.

How can anyone possibly keep track of it all? It is a challenging task even for the most tech saavy person let alone all the rest of us. My goal is to help shine a light on the path you can take to find information on the topic you are interested in.

Madison Boards, Commissions and Committees

Here is the current listing of the 83 active committees, boards and commissions. You can search through and find all the notes, public comment, and other documents related to each. I will be doing another deeper dive post on how to navigate this site.

Meeting Video Archive

All of these public meetings are recorded and archived on the Madison City Channel. Here you can look up any meeting you may have missed and replay it again. You can find that archive here

Agenda Items Quick Jump

One of the nice features of the archived videos, is that you can see where the agenda items start in the video and you can jump to those sections. They are represented by the yellow dots you see in the image to the left here.


The meetings are also posted to the City of Madison YouTube Channel, here you will find those meetings as well as other featured videos.