Housing Ordinance Changes Community Meeting Mar 1

There will be a Community Q & A Session on Monday, March 1, 5:30pm -7:30pm, regarding the proposed Zoning Ordinance amendments related to allowing greater residential densities and adjusting conditional use thresholds, Legistar #63902. There will be a video presentation to provide an overview, and Planning Division Director Heather Stouder and Zoning Administrator Matt Tucker will be available for questions.

Register for the session at Housing Ordinance Changes – Overview and Community Q & A (registration is required in order to attend) https://cityofmadison.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMuceitrzkjGtUL_ERMyOEBgGskfLoWNm3s

Read the proposed amendments here

Read the Staff Report/Memo here
https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=9202147&GUID=EDE0E7CD-D7EC-4958-8869-E8C75ED7C1C5 View the staff overview video presentation here https://media.cityofmadison.com/Mediasite/Play/dde288392cf049bfac753e48621fe8bf1d

View slides of the staff overview presentation here

Please feel free to share this information with others who might be interested. If you’re unable to attend on March 1, the meeting will be recorded and available for later viewing as well.

Keeping Up With City Meetings

There are currently 83 committees, sub-committees, boards, commissions and ad-hoc groups listed as active within Madison’s government machine. This number fluctuates depending on agenda items brought forth in the Council’s every other week Tuesday meeting.

How can anyone possibly keep track of it all? It is a challenging task even for the most tech saavy person let alone all the rest of us. My goal is to help shine a light on the path you can take to find information on the topic you are interested in.

Madison Boards, Commissions and Committees

Here is the current listing of the 83 active committees, boards and commissions. You can search through and find all the notes, public comment, and other documents related to each. I will be doing another deeper dive post on how to navigate this site.

Meeting Video Archive

All of these public meetings are recorded and archived on the Madison City Channel. Here you can look up any meeting you may have missed and replay it again. You can find that archive here


Agenda Items Quick Jump

One of the nice features of the archived videos, is that you can see where the agenda items start in the video and you can jump to those sections. They are represented by the yellow dots you see in the image to the left here.


The meetings are also posted to the City of Madison YouTube Channel, here you will find those meetings as well as other featured videos.


Police Civilian Oversight Board Meets

UPDATE 12/4/2020: The board was only able to get through the first 4 agenda items as the board members navigated getting to know each other as well as the framework governing the board. There were a number of questions about who nominated the board members as well as who determined which board members received two, three or four year appointments. According to council staff member Karen Kapusta-Pofahl, the Council President and the Mayor decided the initial terms. The newly appointed board members were able to decide that the Chair and Vice-Chair would serve 2 year terms.

Next meeting will be Monday, December 7 at 5pm. You can watch online here.

The first meeting of the new Police Civilian Oversight Board is meeting tonight 11/30/2020 at 5pm. You can watch online here

Here is the agenda.


  1. 63092 Public Comment (11/30/2020 meeting)
    Members of the body should make any required disclosures or recusals under the City’s
    Ethics Code.
  2. 63093 Mayor and Common Council President Welcome
  3. 63114 Board Member Introductions
  4. 63096 Vote on Length of Terms of Chair and Vice Chair
  5. 63094 Election of Board Chair
  6. 63095 Election of Board Vice Chair
  7. 63103 Establishment of Special Rules for Board Meetings
    City of Madison Page 2 Printed on 11/20/2020
    Agenda – Approved
  8. 63098 Overview of MGO 5.20
    Attachments: Link: MGO 5.20
  9. 63097 Overview of Open Meetings Law
    Attachments: WisconsinOpenMeetingsLaw.pdf
  10. 63174 Overview of Robert’s Rules of Order
    Attachments: RobertsRulesGuide.pdf
  11. 63109 Overview of City Ethics Code
    Attachments: EthicsCodeSimplified.pdf
  12. 63104 Selection of regular monthly meeting day and time